About Close to the Chest

Close to the Chest is a webcomic written by James Reinsch and drawn originally by Cindy Rivest. Cindy quit the comic after page #19 and was replaced by Emrys (Now Holly Reinsch, James's wife). The first 5 strips have been removed - they weren't canon to the story and in hindsight they just weren't that good. Subsequent pages are subject to a remake project. No CttC material will be published until that project is complete. All characters and content not otherwise owned are 2007 by James. Please ask permission before using any of our original material.

Close to the Chest is about the lives of a group of characters based loosely on the people in James's life. The names have been modified so as not to accidentally libel anyone. Some material actually happened, and other material did not. If you feel you have been misrepresented here, please contact us and let us know, but remember that the characters are caricatures of real people, not documentary subjects, and as such a certain artistic license has been taken.


Furries: The fact that many of our new readers have never heard of furries brings a little joy to my cold, black heart. We make fun of them a lot here. In fact, we make fun of anyone who takes themselves too seriously. Furries are notorious both for this and for pushing their... culture... into the lives of those around them. For a great explanation of furries and what they’re all about, please click here. (courtesy of archive.org) Note that the website owner is jovially tongue-in-cheek about it. God doesn’t actually hate furries, so far as we know. UPDATE: godhatesfurries.com is back up. Go check out the original site here.

Note: Okay, godhatesfurries is down. Archive.org is no longer maintaining it. End of an era. I never got round to archiving the text myself, so here is the wikipedia article. Let it be known that the staff of this website is not pro-furry or anti-furry. We will not volunteer our personal “furryness” here any more than we will our Kinsey numbers. That said, a lot of furries, particularly on the internet, go around trolling for trouble and acting like a subjugated minority just so they can get the satisfaction of arguing over it. In fact, many subcultures do this. (NEVER AGAIN THE BURNING TIMES! Debunked by 10 minutes on google.) Furries just seem to be the worst offenders. We’ll get around to the rest of you eventually.

Emo: Ah, Emo. The term “Emo” has become sadly quite vague in our culture. Wikipedia’s entry on the subject spells out its history quite succinctly. Essentially, for the purposes of this comic, the term “Emo” refers to a subculture which purports to center around a genre of emotion-heavy indie rock, but in reality is a whitewashed imitation of goth wherein large groups of relatively mindless people express their individualism through mass conformity and a self-involved whiny attitude. Click here and scroll down a little for some more information.

Why do I need Javascript to read this comic?

The short answer is, I'm lazy and I refuse to make my html into an ugly mess. The long answer is that as of the end of 2012, I have given up on Wordpress for site management and am switching to an entirely self-coded format, using only html and javascript. Because I have to do a new .htm file for every one of the 100 or so pages already published, I have coded the site the way I would a C++ program: modular, with easily-edited constants. Go ahead, check the source. You'll see that the news page is loaded in a separate iframe, as is the banner, so they can be changed site-wide on the fly. The comic pages themselves make use of javascript for the navigation links and the actual comic display; as such, all I have to do to create a new index page is copy the old one and change the addresses of the next, previous and current comics.
It is my hope that this will prove less vulnerable to attacks. As for lost functionality, well, it's a comic. Does it really need all the bells and whistles? I'll miss the comments section, but hell, I'll just use a facebook page or something, if people want to discuss the comic.

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